Daria Tuminas

No Tail No Scale

The project grows from my 'double identity' as a folklorist and a photographer. I spent a month in each of four cities in the area between St.Petersburg and Moscow: Veliky Novgorod, Vologda, Tver, Jaroslavl. On every location I found a legend that served as a starting point for my photographic investigation and a reflection on certain male practices and behavioral strategies.

Teaser-image presented here is from the Jaroslavl chapter Kill the Stone, or How to Touch Wishes. This chapter talks about the famous spot – a so called Blue Stone where a caravan of tourists goes to in order to make wishes. During the 8th -10th centuries it was the place for unknown pagan rituals. Starting from the 10th century, when Christianity came to this territory, the representatives of the new religion have had many attempts to get rid of the stone. For example, in the 17th century, a Reverend Irinarh Rostovsky told to deacon Anufry to dig the stone into the ground. In some time, the stone arrived on a surface. In the 18th, it was decided to use the stone as a part of the foundation of a church to be built. The stone was put to the sledge in order to be transported across a lake. It broke the ice and fell to the bottom of the lake. In 70 years, it crawled to the bank at a spot that was far from the place where it drowned. 

The Blue Stone is the centre of many interests. Scientists, ethnography researchers, tourists, mystics. In Jaroslavl area, I study how men make wishes, how they try to explain ‘miraculous’ things in a scientific way and to get rid of the ‘miraculous’ objects.

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