Daria Tuminas
The PhotoBook Review #012

I was glad to contribute to The PhotoBook Review #012 (Aperture) as a guest editor. The issue is dedicated to relations between cinema and photobook:


"Guest Editor Daria Tuminas assembled a group of international critics, artists, and scholars to engage with the question of what is meant by the word cinematic as applied to the photobook. In “Artist Cut,” Rosa Barba, Robin Waart, and Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber talk about works that tackle the intersection of still images on the page or the wall and the moving image, Benedikt Reichenbach examines Ban Abidi’s multipart flipbook The Speech Writer, and Stefan Ruiz introduces a selection of Mexican fotonovelas, while David Campany looks at books that tie directly to particular films, such as Alain Resnais’s Repérages, or The Virgin Suicides: A New Generation’s Companion to Film by Sofia Coppola and Corinne Day. Additional pieces by Kayla Anderson and Roland Fischer-Briand discuss contemporary video and photobooks and the different possibilities of filmic vs. cinematic when used to describe books. For this issue’s Designer Spotlight and Publisher Profile, Sebastian Hau converses with designer Pierre Hourquet, and Brendan Wattenberg talks to Bronywn Law-Viljoen, publisher of Fourthwall Books. The Reviews section includes Ashraf Jamal on Santu Mofokeng, Marco de Mutiis on Lucas Blalock, Sara Knelman on Thomas Boivin, Dahlia Schweitzer on Cindy Sherman, and Amos Mulder’s video response to a book by Inka and Niclas Lindergård."

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