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Unseen Book Market and Dummy Award

Sunday 23 September 2018
16.00 - 17.00 / Location: Unseen Living Room


Since 2015, St.Petersburg based collective Expert Photobook Review has invited experts from beyond the photography industry to analyse photobooks in a video review format. During a special live event, three experts reviewed the newest books launched at Unseen Book Market.


Reviewed books: The Migrant (self-published) by Anais Lopez, Today, too, I experienced something I hope to understand in a few days (Fw:Books) by Sanne van den Elzen, Malleus Maleficarum (Meta/Books) by Virginie Rebetez.


Moderator: Jana Romanova (co-founder, Expert Photobook Review).


Legal philosopher Tamar de Waal
Tamar works as an Assistant Professor at Erasmus School of Law and is the chairman of the Civic Foundation. She completed her dissertation Conditional Belonging in 2017. In this research she focused on migration, integration requirements and democratic citizenship. Tamar did her study in philosophy and law at universities in London (UCL), New York (Columbia Law School) and Montreal (McGill).


Choreographer Keren Levi
The path of her work as a maker has travelled through different themes, styles and aesthetics but has always maintained a choreographic interest. Keren focuses on movement and its organization following a coherent concept or a task. Placing the body, or more precisely the movement of the hum and body, at the centre of her investigation, she is attempting to tease the boundaries of her public, collaborators and above all her own.


Pastor Gerhard Scholte
Since 1996 Gerhard Scholte has been a minister of the Keizersgrachtkerkgemeente. At the Keizersgracht Church, he is functioning in multiple roles: as a pastor, as a theologian, as a regular speaker during services and more. Gerhard leads two Bible houses and coordinates discussion circles.


Jana Romanova
Jana Romanova stayed in August-September 2018 in an artist residency at Webster Leiden Campus / Media Communications department, where she was preparing this event, and additional videos that will be available on the Expert Photobook Review's youtube channel during Unseen Amsterdam. 

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