Daria Tuminas
Dutch Photography Experience
Poster for exhibition Undercover and accompanying educational events, November 2013-January 2014.

Dutch Photography Experience project was a series of events and an exhibition Undercover presenting contemporary Dutch photography and photo book publishing in Russia. Workshops and talks taking place in October 2012 - January 2014: by Luuk Wilmering, Martine Stig, Caroline von Courten, Zhenia Sveshinsky, Jaap Scheeren, Foam Magazine, Anouk Kruithof, Andrea Stultiens.

The project was finalized by the core event – the presentation of an exhibition Undercover, 28 November 2013 – 13 January 2014. Undercover was a research exhibition of Dutch photographic publications and the processes of their creation and it was accompanied by multiple lectures, workshops, weekly seminars on photobook making, and weekly tours guided by public figures. 

Dutch Photography Experience was initiated by FotoDepartament and produced in collaboration with the Netherlands Institute, St. Petersburg, ProMu, and with the generous support of Mondriaan fund, Wilhelmina Janssen fund, SICA, the Netherlands Consulate-General, St. Petersburg. Exhibition and graphic design: Renata Alvares. Curating, researching, production: Zhenia Sveshinsky, Daria Tuminas.
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