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The Mask: What Is Standing Behind Photography? Workshop by Jaap Scheeren

9 – 12 January 2014

'Do you want to make or to take your work? Everybody has their own perception of the reality they encounter.

This is the one thing that makes everyone quite unique, so the question in this workshop is, how do you use your perception of the reality to tell your story, or a story related to yourself? How can you translate what you want to tell in your pictures to the audience that experiences it? What is the reality you experience and the one you capture? And If the camera already interferes in the making of the image, why not alter the image according to what you see or experience. We will also talk about your interests and why you choose the subjects you choose. For myself this is a never-ending discussion. We do everything with the whole group and try and comment each other to take the work further or try something different. We need this in order to get how someone perceives your stories.'

Workshop of the international photography magazine FOAM

29 November – 1 December 2013
By Art Director Hamid Sallali and Managing Editor Elisa Medde Foam Magazine


The workshop focused on editing and layouting techniques applied to the photographic image. Through a set of presentations and practical activities, participants received insights on how to curate the editing of a photographic portfolio and the different graphic and aesthetic strategies that might be used in order to produce a successful visual presentation (either in an online form or as a printed matter).

Hamid Salali has published detailed report on the workshop on VandeJong blog.


Expanding the view. Workshop by Andrea Stultiens

26 – 30 June 2013

'Photographs are fluid in meaning. Much of what the image says depends on context. In this workshop we will start from that – and appropriate photographs which participants bring to the workshop. We will use them to develop narratives that reflect on the nature and history of photography while telling contemporary stories in relation to the past shown by the images.

If you are interested in taking part in this workshop you can prepare by looking around for a collection of photographic images to work from. This can be a shoebox in your grand parents house, a collection bought on a flea market, an album that raises questions. It could even be a set of digital images you found online, as long as it is somehow available to you. This collection will be your starting point. We will discuss its possibilities and you will think of ways to reproduce the photographs (if they are part of the physical world), print, edit and contextualize them in such a way that the story told is yours.

This contextualizing can be done in different ways. Only by the edit, by making crops, collages, adding other images that you found elsewhere or made. The result of the workshop is a sequenced set of images in a slideshow or book dummy format.'

Off the Wall. Workshop by Anouk Kruithof

21 – 25 June 2013

In this workshop students were looking at photos in a way a photo, a series of images or a whole archive of them can be seen as photographic material to work with, to work from…

'We’re going to explore how we can use this photographic material.
We’re going to think about different ways of presenting the photographic material.
We’re going to find suitable possibilities where the nature of these sources – a photo, a photo series, an archive of photos – can be translated into a ‘space’.
‘Space’ can be very diverse: an exhibition space, public space, a book as a space, the internet or the screen of your mobile device. The photographic material can be transformed into spatial, virtual or interactive installations or sculptural forms.'

Anouk Kruithof wrote a detailed report on the workshop at Wandering Bears blog.

Don’t panic if you forgot your camera! (or: How to make a photo with a pair of scissors?). Workshop by Luuk Wilmering

12 – 16 October 2012

'The main subject of the workshop will be: ‘how to construct images?’ I want to introduce the technique of collage to the participants as a means of creating realistic photos. The participants can work with published material but also with their own photos, as long as they’re prepared to use these as material… and of course they can also use a mix of both. For me the collage covers a wide range of possibilities, some of which I will introduce during this workshop. The main goal of the workshop is to get a broader view on manipulating photographic compositions. The first day I will start with a discussion on the subject and I will end with a review and discussion of the works created. Finally, when we make the presentation of the works we will talk about ‘how to show your work?’'

People and the public space. Playing with reality. Workshop by Martine Stig

12 – 16 October 2012

'Obviously, photography and film have a strong relationship with reality. Documentary photography and film traditionally try to capture it like it is. Street photography has been a genre since the camera became portable; it tries to document reality in a personal way. Is it possible to capture reality?

And when you stage something in front of your camera, is it real? Can reality look staged and can you stage reality? Does television and film influence the way you look at reality? In this workshop I would like to take a closer look at this ‘reality’.

We take the visual reality as a starting point to create work and discuss it. Truth or true to reality is not the approach, we are going to find out how we can use or play with ‘reality’. Reality as basis material as paint or paper.

I would like to focus on the public space and the people in it. The anonymity of the city gives you space and content to tell your own subjective story, to do your own experiment, to play your own game.'

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